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President's Message


Rebecca Jacob
ASPA President

2017: Annual General Body Meeting: Mumbai, India

Dr Andi Ade the outgoing President of the Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesia handed over the reins to me for a 2 year term. The Society has come a long way since a small group of us started it in Singapore way back in the year 2000. With a membership of over 300 spread over18 countries in Asia we are hoping to make the Society more meaningful in the care of our children undergoing anaesthesia and surgery.

In 2012 we held the first workshop in Singapore. Since then we have held ’Train the trainers’, Safe anaesthesia and Management of Perioperative Crises workshops in many countries along with BLS training for nurses and first responders across the region. A special thanks should go to Dr Agnes Ng who has done a great job in coordinating requests for the workshops, organizing the teams of trainers and in short ‘making it happen’. A special mention should be made that the trainers who give of their time and expertise are also self funded. A laudable effort.

Over the last year Agnes and I have tried to co-ordinate the talks and make them simple and uniform while permitting the speaker the latitude of making it his or her own presentation. A printed manual on the management of perioperative crises is now available to complement the slides, talks, discussions and skill stations. A special thanks to Dr Vrushali Ponde of Mumbai and Smile Train India for helping to find the funds for this venture. As we expect these activities to grow it was decided to set up an education committee consisting of doctors Agnes Ng, Felicia Lim, Erlinda Oracion, Andi Ade and Rebecca Jacob. .

We have had some complaints regarding ‘non registration’ of members. To streamline this and help Dr Agnes Ng and Jessie Tan from the Singapore office Dr Felicia Lim offered her help. She has now formatted a letter welcoming new members with a ‘membership card bearing their membership number. The list of members will hopefully soon be available on the website along with their membership numbers.

The last year saw an ASPA affiliation with the WFSA. Thus we now have recognition with the world body. At the AGM in Mumbai we discussed the possibility of pediatric societies and special interest groups from individual Asian countries seeking affiliation with the ASPA. This would require a request to the President and EXCO along with registration details of the society in their own country.

The website will be updated with minutes of previous meetings and workshops along with the members list, News of forthcoming meetings will also be posted early.

Looking forward to the next two years in the spirit of ASPA, - Friendship, Safety and co-operation.

Rebecca Jacob
President ASPA, Aug 2017