ASPA Paediatric Pain Special Interest Group



To promote the mission of the group and support the member’s interests and professional development, you will have the following benefits when joining the group:

  1. You will be a member of the strong network of Paediatric pain management professionals in the region with rich expertise that you can tap on.
  2. To support the continued professional development of the members, a member will have access to: -
    • Noticeboard and regular e-mail updates of any current education and training opportunities for pain and fellowship in the region and around the globe. A pain community newsletter updating the generic pain community will also be shared.
    • Access to SIG internal resources, including
      • Access to the Paediatric Pain Resource Centre, where free e-books, assessment tools etc.,             can be received.
      • Access to ASPA SIG Pain Research Forum, where research projects are being shared.         There is an added opportunity to co-create and co-join multi-centre research.
      • Access to case vignette platform.
  1. For SIG-specific activities, as a member, you will
    • Have Priority to join any course/ workshop organised by ASPA PPSIG. We expect arrangements to be made with other professional organisations for future preferential placement.
    • An opportunity for leadership in ASPA SIG council to help promote the pain practice and volunteer in a specific project or topic of your interest.
    • Participating in the ASPA PPSIG AGM.
  1. You will also be able to present at Asia/ international conferences as an ASPA SIG member.
  2. To help develop future talents, you could join the mentorship program.
    • For now, we are inviting you to join us when the membership fee is waived. Join us so we can shape the SIG’s move and the pain practices together!


Registration link: